About the ACC Library

Did you know that the Arlington Career Center Library was once a free library created by ACC Alum, Jack Schiavo?

In 2019, Dr. Antares Leask launched Genius Hour, a project that empowers students to direct their own learning and explore their passions. It often allows students to solve problems or address needs within their community. For his project, Jack decided to advocate for a school library. With the support of his teachers, members of ATAC, and the Arlington community, Jack raised funding and the materials needed to shelve hundreds of books to create a free library space for the entire Career Center community.

Since its inception, the free library has evolved into a small (but mighty) school library that provides students and staff with access to a full-time librarian and a union catalog housing resources from the 30+ APS libraries. Thanks to Jack’s vision, we now have the unique collaborative and inclusive space for our community of readers and learners that will continue to expand and grow as we transition into our new building in 2025.


Our mission is to empower students to become effective and ethical users of information in the digital age, thereby encouraging inquiry, evaluation, exploration, and engagement with our diverse collection of curriculum and recreational resources.


The ACC library strives to create an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages community involvement, discourse, and a life-long love for reading and learning. Students will have the freedom to select and read the diverse perspectives and experiences that meet their information needs and interests.

ACC Library Core Values

Access: users will receive equitable access to all library resources, and be able to retrieve this information remotely and/or on the ACC campus.

Diversity: the library collection and library services will support the diverse learning needs of our students and be reflective of the diversity of our community.

Education and Lifelong Learning: the ACC Library will promote the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of a learning society by working with educators and members of the community to initiate and support comprehensive efforts to ensure that the school library cooperates to provide lifelong learning services to all.

Intellectual Freedom: patron circulation data shall remain private and confidential. The library collection will be well-researched and inclusive based on learner needs and varying perspectives of our population (including controversial viewpoints).

*Based on the Intellectual Freedom Principles adopted by the ACRL Board of Directors, June 29, 1999.