ACC Counseling & Student Services Staff

ACC Counseling Staff 2019-2020

Photo of Ms. Caparotta Photo of Mr. DeRocco Photo of Ms. Styles
Cristin Caparotta
School Counselor
Frank DeRocco
School Counselor
Lisa Styles
School Counselor
703-228-8701 703-228-5756 703-228-5809
Arlington Tech 9th Grade (A-Q)
Arlington Tech 11th Grade
CTE students in Health & Medical Sciences Classes
Arlington Tech 9th Grade (R-Z)
Arlington Tech 10th Grade
Arlington Tech 12th Grade
CTE students in Digital Media/IT & Industrial Service and Engineering Classes
Academic Academy
CTE student in Human & Public Service Classes
Photo of Ms. Vasquez Photo of Mr. Louis Villafane
Claudia Vasquez
English Learner (EL) Counselor
Louis Villafane
Director of Counseling Services
703-228-5733 703-228-5731
HILT A, HILT B, & HILT 11 Students
Teen Parenting Program
HILTEX & 10 Students
All Students

ACC Student Services Staff 2019-2020

Photo of Ms. Brendley Photo of Ms. Lozano Photo of Ms. Contreras
Greta Brendley
School Psychologist
Monica Lozano Caldera
Equity & Excellence Coordinator
Ada Contreras
703-228-8699 (T/R) 703-228-8702 703-228-5816
Psychological Evaluation All ACC Students All ACC Students
Photo of Ms. Pontera Photo of Ms. Merck Photo of Ms. Zuniga
Kelly Pontera
School Psychologist
Naghmeh Merck
School Social Worker
S. Vanessa Zorilla-Zuniga
Substance Abuse Counselor
703-228-8699 (M/W/R) 703-228-8666 703-228-8706 (M,T,W,R)
Students who receive CARS All ACC Students All ACC Students