ACC Counseling & Student Services Staff

ACC Counseling Staff 2019-2020

Ms. Cristin Caparotta Mr. Frank DeRocco Ms. Lisa Styles
Cristin Caparotta
School Counselor
Frank DeRocco
School Counselor
Lisa Styles
School Counselor
703-228-8701 703-228-5756 703-228-5809
Arlington Tech 9th Grade (A-Q)
Arlington Tech 11th Grade
CTE students in Health & Medical Sciences Classes
Arlington Tech 9th Grade (R-Z)
Arlington Tech 10th Grade
Arlington Tech 12th Grade
CTE students in Digital Media/IT & Industrial Service and Engineering Classes
Academic Academy
CTE student in Human & Public Service Classes
Ms. Claudia Vasquez Mr. Louis Villafane
Claudia Vasquez
English Learner (EL) Counselor
Louis Villafane
Director of Counseling Services
703-228-5733 703-228-5731
HILT A, HILT B, & HILT 11 Students
Teen Parenting Program
HILTEX & 10 Students
All Students

ACC Student Services Staff 2019-2020

Photo of Ms. Brendley Photo of Monica Lozano Caldera Ms. Ada Contreras
Greta Brendley
School Psychologist
Monica Lozano Caldera
Equity & Excellence Coordinator
Ada Contreras
703-228-8699 (T/R) 703-228-8702 703-228-5816
Psychological Evaluation All ACC Students All ACC Students
Ms. Kelly Pontera Ms. Naghmeh Merck Ms. Vanessa Zuniga
Kelly Pontera
School Psychologist
Naghmeh Merck
School Social Worker
S. Vanessa Zorilla-Zuniga
Substance Abuse Counselor
703-228-8699 (M/W/R) 703-228-8666 703-228-8706 (M,T,W,R)
Students who receive CARS All ACC Students All ACC Students