School Administration

ACC Administrative Team – School Year 2019-2020

Ms. Margaret Chung Mr. Louis Villafane
Margaret Chung, Principal Louis Villafane, Director of Counseling
703-228-5730 703-228-5731
Supervises: School-Wide Programs, EL Program Supervises: Counseling, Teen Parenting Program
Ms. Jessica Baker Mr. Erik Healey
Jessica Baker, Assistant Principal Erik Healey, Assistant Principal
703-228-5741 703-228-5742
Supervises: Academic Academy, PEP, Special Education Supervises: Arlington Tech

Arlington Career Center Coordinators, Main Office, Counseling, and Support Staff
Contact Information

Catherine Steinmetz Arlington Tech Coordinator x5811
Amanda Trevino HILT Institute Coordinator x5774
Madeline LaSalle Academic Academy Coordinator x5790
Micah Stein-Verbit PEP Program Coordinator x5801
Sandra Triveri Outreach for Parenting Teens Coordinator x5819
Denisha Parker Educational Administrative Assistant, Special Education x5802
Bill Briggs Attendance Specialist x5750
Julie Frye Educational Administrative Assistant, Attendance x5748
Ginny Barrow Educational Administrative Coordinator x5740
Ada Contreras Registrar x5816
Terry Lau Treasurer x5744
Lisa Styles Professional School Counselor x5809
Cristin Caparotta Professional School Counselor x8701
Frank DeRocco Professional School Counselor x5756
Vanessa Zuniga Substance Abuse Counselor x8706
Lisa Pellegrino Testing Coordinator x5745
Deirdre Magro NVCC Coordinator x5794
Sohilah Soliman School Nurse x5803 
Maria Cake Clinic Aide x5803
Charles Randolph Instructional Technology Coordinator x5755
Patricia Shackleford
Deshaun Braxton
Eddy Reyes



Anthony Lee Head Custodian x5736