Arlington Tech FAQ

  1. Who is eligible to apply to Arlington Tech? Both rising 9th and 10 graders in Arlington. Each year we will have spots available in the 9th grade class and a small number of spots available in the 10th grade class.
  2. What distinguishes Arlington Tech? Arlington Tech is designed to meet the needs of learners who thrive on hands-on, project-based, and work-based learning experiences. Students apply interdisciplinary academic knowledge to skills developed through Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes. College credits may be earned through dual enrolled academic and CTE courses.
  3. What is project-based learning? Project-based learning at Arlington Tech means that academic and CTE content is taught across curricular areas. Instruction is anchored in projects that connect learning to an authentic, real-life problem or challenge. Through project-based learning students develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and working in teams.
  4. What is work-based learning? Work-based learning at Arlington Tech means that students develop career related knowledge and skills through hands-on learning in industry-standard CTE workshops and labs. Partnerships with local businesses and global corporations provide internship opportunities for students to apply the skills and knowledge they developed from their classes in a work environment.
  5. What is dual enrollment? Dual enrollment courses provide students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits. The courses are taught by NVCC adjunct faculty and align to NVCC college credit courses. These credits are designed for students on a Bachelor’s Studies track and are transferable to most major universities. Arlington Tech offers academic and CTE dual enrollment courses.
  6. Why don’t you offer AP or IB courses? We offer Dual Enrolled courses in place of AP or IB courses. These college courses compare in rigor and frequently offer higher number of transferrable credits when transferred to 4-year universities. APS pays for all fees and there are no end of course exams – if a student earns a C or above – they’ve earned a college credit!
  7. What type of diploma will Arlington Tech students earn? By successfully completing the recommended coursework, Arlington Tech students will earn an Advanced Studies Diploma. The diploma will be awarded from their home high school (Wakefield, Washington-Liberty or Yorktown) and will be accompanied by a certificate from Arlington Tech. Some students may also be eligible for a Certificate of General Education and/or an Associates Degree in Computer Science (from NOVA).
  8. How is Arlington Tech different than the Career Center classes that are available to all high school students at Washington-Liberty, Yorktown and Wakefield? Arlington Tech students have the unique opportunity to explore several of our CTE pathways while in high school. Since they are here full time, as they complete their PE and World Language requirements, most Arlington Tech students double up on CTE courses and build schedules that support their career aspirations.
  9. Where is Arlington Tech located? At the Arlington Career Center.
  10. What transportation is available to and from school? Regular school bus transportation is available to students from their neighborhood to the Career Center (and back). In addition, after school bus transportation is available from the Career Center to each of the comprehensive high schools for extra-curricular activities.  Students would then catch the late bus home from the comprehensive high school.
  11. How many students are enrolled in Arlington Tech? What are class sizes? Arlington Tech is expected to be around 600 students at full capacity.
  12. Do you have to take a test to get in? What are the application requirements? There are no testing or application requirements. We encourage students to have verified credit in Algebra II by the end of 10th grade year. Students can opt to take Geometry in the summer between 9th and 10th grade, or take an Algebra I/Geometry combination course during 9th grade year.
  13. Can I participate in sports and other after-school activities? Prom? Homecoming? Yes! Many of our students play sports and do other after-school activities back at their home high schools (with the exception Ultimate Frisbee) – as well as attend dances and other events. The Arlington Career Center has its own boys and girls YULA-connected Ultimate Frisbee team that Arlington Tech (and all full-time Arlington Career Center) students can participate in. As Arlington Tech continues to grow, we are adding clubs, intramural sports, and community/social events to our calendar as well!