Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes are the anchor to Arlington Tech’s interdisciplinary program.  In CTE, students develop tangible skills and find application for their content knowledge.  CTE makes learning meaningful, complex, and allows our students to solve real-world problems/develop real-world products for customers at the local and national level.

In the 9th grade, Arlington Tech students take choose two of our foundational CTE courses. In the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, students can take any of our CTE course offerings and may even be able to add additional CTE courses as they complete their World Language and PE graduation requirements.

Most APS students won’t have an opportunity to take a CTE course until their 11th grade year, and even then, will struggle to get one CTE course to fit into their schedule.  By taking advantage of our incredible CTE offerings, Arlington Tech students will complete sequences of CTE courses, earn certifications, and develop career skills in a variety of pathways!

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