Early College Credit

Arlington Tech students will earn between 30-40 college credits for a variety of CTE and academic classes. Dual Enrolled (DE) Courses for Arlington Tech students can begin in the freshman year. When our students graduate, they will have both a high school and a college transcript!

Dual Enrolled Courses maintain the rigor and pace of a college course.  These are distinct from the AP and IB programs, as there is no end of course exam and transferable credit is awarded for simply completing the course with a sufficient grade.  “Research suggests that high school students enrolled in DE classes have a smaller decline in grades from high school to college (due to the rigor) and a higher likelihood of persistence.” (Wyatt, Patterson, & Giacomo).

Arlington Tech is the only high school program in Arlington that can offer students the opportunity to graduate with more than 30-40 college credits!  The DE courses offered at Arlington Tech are designed specifically to complete the general education requirements of a 4-year university degree. By attending Arlington Tech, you will have a competitive advantage and be able to demonstrate to university admission officers that you have been successful at the college level.