Arrivals, Health Screening, and Transportation

Arrival Procedures Video

Parents/Legal Guardians will receive invitations at 5:30 a.m., one via email and one via text message. All students, regardless of reporting status (e.g., virtual or hybrid) must respond to the screener either via the email or the text invitation. Parents/Legal Guardians should only respond to one of the invitations every day.

All Parents/Legal Guardians will receive the following:

  • Email: Parents/Legal Guardians will receive an email from the APS COVID Response Team ( daily at 5:30 a.m. with their personal link to complete their symptom screener for their student(s).
  • Text: Parents/Legal Guardians who have mobile phone numbers on file with APS will also receive their personal link via text message daily at 5:30 a.m., providing the option to complete the symptom screener for their student(s) on their mobile device.

Students will still receive a temperature check after verifying they have completed their screener at the reporting location (e.g., bus stop or building).

All students are required to wear masks and maintain 6-foot social distance at all times. The APS mask policy is available online.

Students who take the bus 

Bus pickup and schedules for bus-eligible students will be available through ParentVUE sometime during the weekend of March 6-7.

  • Students will still receive a temperature check after verifying they have completed their screener by the bus attendant before boarding the bus.
  • Students will be seated at least 6 feet apart from other students with capacity limited to 11 students per bus.  Seats will be marked to show students where to sit.
  • Students must wear masks at all times, including at the bus stop, while riding on the bus, and while on school property or participating in school activities.
  • Students may not eat on the bus.
  • NOTE: Due to earlier elementary schools dismissals, the buses at the end of the day may be delayed.

Students dropped off by car

  • All cars must drop off students on Highland Street without turning into the bus lanes.
    • Turn onto 9th Street South from Walter Reed Drive.
    • If you drive from 7th Street S down Highland Street, you will be directed to 9th Street S to make a U turn and come back up Highland Street
    • Cars are not permitted to turn into the Career Center parking lot from Walter Reed Drive. Turn from Walter Reed onto 9th Street only.
  • Students must remain in their vehicles until verifying they have completed their screener and having their temperature checked.
  • Students who pass the temperature check and health screening will proceed to the front entrance.

Students who walk, bike or take public transportation

  • Students who walk, bike, or take public transportation and enter from Walter Reed will be health screened at the main entrance by the bike racks.
  • Students who walk from Highland Street will be health screened along Highland Street.

Students who drive

  • Please refer to the map for designated free street parking. Students may not park in the parking lot.
  • Students will be health screened at either one of the checkpoints for walkers.


  • Students enter the building through the front entrance
  • Before 7:45 a.m., arriving students will be seated in the commons with 6-foot spacing and will have access to breakfast.
  • At or after 7:45 a.m., students will enter and proceed directly to their class.