Biotechnology Techniques & Applications

Biotechnology Techniques and Applications
Prerequisite(s): Biology I

This course addresses the principles, techniques and applications of biotechnology. Students will examine biotechnology procedures and protocols while applying them to problems commonly addressed in the major biotech career paths of forensic science, agriculture, medicine, environmental science and genetic engineering. Specific techniques include sterile techniques, micro pipetting, bacteria culturing, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), DNA extraction, use of DNA vectors, and protein analysis. This course is recommended for students who like science.

  • Additional high school credit: A credit earned in this course will satisfy the third lab science credit for the standard diploma or the fourth lab science credit for the advanced diploma (Biology II-Genetics 24350). In addition to the science credit, students will receive a second credit for fine/practical arts. This also counts as a sequence for the modified standard diploma.