About Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Mission: Instill a passion for learning by doing

Vision: To be a united community of self-directed learners empowered through authentic academic, industry and life experiences to actualize our personal aspirations.

About CTE at the Arlington Career Center

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the Arlington Career Center provides enhanced opportunities for students in four areas:

1) Project based curriculum;
2) industry certifications;
3) the possibility of earning college credit; and
4) career experiences such as internships and client projects

All courses qualify for the Career and Technical/FineReadinessForAllCareers-FactSheet Arts credit. Each Career and Technical course offers the opportunity to earn the career and technical credential required for the Standard Diploma graduation requirement. Please see your counselor for more information.

What is Career & Technical Education (CTE)?

CTE Courses at the Arlington Career Center by Pathway

Health & Medical Sciences Pathway Human & Public Service Pathway
  • Biotechnology Techniques & Applications
  • Emergency Medical Technician / Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Forensic Technology with application in Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Health Sciences
  • Medical Terminology
  • Physical Therapy / Sports Medicine Technology
  • Technical Animal Science / Veterinary Science I & II
  • Advanced Animal Science / Small Animal Care I & II
  • Air Force Junior ROTC (I/II; III/IV; V/VI)
  • Barbering (I, II, III)
  • Cosmetology (I, II, III)
  • Culinary Arts & Science (I, II, III)
  • Early Childhood Education (I, II)
  • Teachers for Tomorrow (I, II)
Digital Media & Information Technology Pathway Industrial Service & Engineering Pathway
  • Computer Information Systems (Advanced)
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Computer Programming (Advanced / Intensified)
  • Cybersecurity (I, II)
  • Database Design & Management
  • Webpage Design & Multimedia
  • Digital Animation
  • Graphic Communications Systems
  • Photo & Video Technology (I, II)
  • Television Production
  • Television & Multimedia Production (II, III)
  • Entrepreneurship (Advanced)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Collision Repair (I, II, III)
  • Automotive Technology (I, II, III)
  • Aviation Technology
  • Computer Assisted Technical Drawing
  • Computer Assisted Architectural Drawing
  • Computer Assisted Engineering Drawing
  • Construction Technology
  • Sustainable & Renewable Technologies
  • Electricity (I, II)
  • Engineering (I, II)
  • Digital Electronics
  • Computer Integrated Production Engineering
  • Materials & Process Technology
  • Robotic Design