Automotive Collision Repair


While the Automotive Collision Repair business is strong in the state of Virginia, projecting 13% growth over the next decade, most employers prefer to hire persons who have completed formal training programs.

The Career Center’s Automotive Collision Repair program gives students the hands-on experience, coupled with opportunities for certifications and internships that employers are looking for. Students are trained in the professional work habits, core skills and underlying theory that they will need to succeed in the workplace.

The program uses a completely outfitted auto body shop, and emphasizes hands-on learning. Students begin by working on small projects, such as fenders and doors. As they progress in their knowledge in skills, they graduate to repairing donated vehicles, their own cars, and finally the automobiles of paying customers.

Real-world experience is gained through local and state competitions, and internships in area businesses. Students who enroll in the program receive the following unique student benefits:

  • SKILLS– this class uses the Virginia State Competency List for Automotive Body Technology I, II, III – Certified (8676-78).
  • CREDIT– A credit earned in this course fulfills the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for high school graduation. Students who complete the Auto Body I and II program sequence with a grade of “B” or better earn two credits at Northern Virginia Community College in the Auto Body Technology Certificate Program, plus an additional credit by using the Career Center’s NOVA on-site registration process.
  • CERTIFICATION– All second year students are administered in class the SP2 Online Certification (Auto Shop Safety & Pollution Prevention). Program completers are able to take the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification for Auto Body Technicians at the end of their second year. If they pass, the ASE Certification counts as a high school selected verified credit.
  • EXPERIENCE– students gain invaluable hands-on experience in the Career Center’s fully equipped auto body repair and paint shop, first by working on their own and donated cars, and then by graduating to customer work. Other opportunities for real-world experience are gained through competitions and internships.


Students who complete the two-year sequence in Automotive Collision Repair are eligible to take the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification for Auto Body Technicians at the end of their second year. This certification is one of the most widely-recognized and highly-regarded certifications by area employers. An ASE certification also translates into increased pay. For more information about how you can enhance your employability and marketplace value at the Career Center’s Auto Body Repair program, please contact instructor Wilmer Castro (listed above).