Computer-Assisted Architectural Drawing

Computer-Assisted Technical Architectural Drawing (28435) & (28436)
Full year, 2 periods, 2 credits
Grades 10 – 12

Prerequisite: None

DESCRIPTION: This is a drawing course which focuses on the practices of the fields of architecture and construction. Students prepare working drawings necessary in residential construction through the use of mechanical drafting and computer assisted drawing. These documents include floor plans, electrical plans, wall sections, elevations, and renderings. Students build scale models and prepare presentations on various architectural related subjects. Students also study building materials and their individual properties. This class provides information helpful for the homeowner and is especially beneficial to the future architect, interior designer, or home builder, including students involved in the construction trade skill classes. Applications of computer assisted drafting (CAD) are included in the course.

Note: A credit earned in this course will fulfill the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for graduation.