Electricity & Network Cabling

The Electricity Program prepares students to meet the high demand for qualified electricians in State of Virginia, and the nation as a whole. Students who complete the two-year program are prepared to enter apprenticeship programs right after high school. Others begin working for electrical contractors, some of whom offer their own apprenticeship programs. Electricians, like many hi-demand trades people, are well-paid, and the wages increase considerably with licensing and overtime.The Electrical Program is divided into two years. The first covers the procedures and techniques of residential and commercial wiring. The second year focuses on the growing role of electricians in wiring telecommunications – television, telephone and the internet. The second year also includes two valuable network cabling certifications – copper-based and fiber-optic.If you enjoy working with your hands and problem-solving, the Career Center’s Electricity program may be for you. You’ll learn how to fix the wiring in your home, and may even get a head start on a well-paying, lifelong career.

Students completing this two-year program can receive / qualify for:

  • SKILLS — Electricity Skills I uses the State of Virginia’s Task List for Electricity. The curriculum and task lists for Copper-Based Network Cabling and Fiber-Optic Network Cabling come from RBT Systems, and are taught together as a second-year course.
  • CREDIT — Each certification counts as its own high school verified credit, when passed with a score of 80% or above.
  • CERTIFICATION — RBT Systems Copper-Based Network Cabling CertificationRBT Systems Fiber-Optic Network Cabling Certification
  • EXPERIENCE — area companies are anxious to hire our students; see the list of companies on the right who have already done so.