Electricity II

Electricity II (Network Cabling & Fiber Optics) (28535)
Full year, 2 periods, 2 credits
Grades 10 – 12

Prerequisite: Electricity I (see below for certification eligibility requirements).

DESCRIPTION: Electricity II provides instruction in the wiring methods of commercial construction and communications cabling, including telephone wiring, cable television wiring, BICSI/RBT Systems Copper based Network Cabling and Fiber Optic Network Cabling. Seniors may be eligible for a work-study program in the electrical supplies distribution field. The commercial wiring is taught to the standards of the National Electrical Code. The Network Cabling is taught to the BICSI/RBT Systems standard and meets the TIA/EIA 568A standard. Students will study communications wiring standards, wiring methods and techniques, network and cabling history and terminology. Students will have an opportunity to take the BICSI/RBT certification examinations.


Eligibility requirements to take the BICSI/RBT certificate examinations:

  1. Students must have successfully completed Electricity I.
  2. Students must be proficient in reading, writing, and comprehending English.
  3. Students must successfully complete all of the Network Cabling instruction.
  4. Students must meet all the state, local, and instructor requirements.

The BICSI/RBT certification is nationally recognized by the communications wiring industry. The Arlington Career Center and the instructor are both BICSI/RBT certified.


Note: A credit earned in this course will fulfill the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for graduation.