Emergency Medical Technician

The very popular Emergency Medical Technician Program at the Arlington Career Center is ideal for students interested in the medical field or any career requiring level-headed decision making in life-or-death situations.

Furthermore, the demand for EMTs and Paramedics in the state of Virginia is projected to grow by over 35% over the next decade, so the job outlook for this career pathway is strong.

The EMT Program constitutes a two-year sequential program taught in one year, so it qualifies students as completers of a course sequence. Students completing both two-period semesters of this program can receive/qualify for the following unique student benefits:

  • SKILLS – this class uses the Virginia State Competency List for Emergency Medical Technician I, II, III (8333, 8334, 8335).
  • CREDIT – successful completion of this course earns students two high schools credits (one for laboratory science and one for fine/practical arts). The laboratory science credit may count as either the third lab science credit for the standard diploma or the fourth lab science credit for the advanced diploma. Seven college credits are earned by those students passing the class with a B or better average when they participate in the Career Center’s on-site Northern Virginia Community College registration and articulation program (see “Did You Know” box on left).
  • CERTIFICATION – This class prepares students to take and pass the Virginia Department of Health EMT-Basic exam. In addition, all students receive the Basic Life Support (CPR) Certification of the American Heart Association, as well as the Advanced First Aid Certification of the National Safety Council.
  • EXPERIENCE – students gain invaluable hands-on experience through the program’s complete array of training equipment, including a fully-equipped ambulance. These hands-on experiences become real when students perform their ten hours of required clinical rotations in local medical centers, ambulance services or fire departments. Guest medical professionals provide real-world perspectives and industry connections.