Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Technology

Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Technology
Prerequisite(s): Biology I and a chest X-ray or tuberculin skin test is required if participating in the optional 3rd credit- Clinical Observation.

Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Technology is designed for students interested in all aspects of rehabilitative medicine such as physical therapy, athletic training, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, and sports medicine. It is a very challenging course because of the substantial amount of college-level material and competency-based curriculum. Students will study anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular stress testing, therapeutic exercise, body composition, ambulation, effects of ultrasound/ electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, and goniometry. They become skilled in the evaluation of athletic injuries, initial emergency medical assessment and care, modality application, formation of rehabilitative exercise programs and taping. In addition, students will receive certification in American Red Cross CPR/AED and Standard First Aide for healthcare providers. An integral part of the program is the “hands-on” experience students can gain while assisting and treating patients under the supervision of licensed physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, orthopedic physicians, and exercise physiologists during clinical internships.

  • Additional high school credit: A credit earned in this course will satisfy the third lab science credit for the standard diploma or the fourth lab science credit for the advanced diploma.

Contact Information:

Ms. Sheila Napala

Sheila Napala
Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Technology Teacher