Television Production 2

Television Production II (28690)
Full year, two periods, 2 credits
Grades 10-12
*Dual Enrollment Offered 2015-2016 (3 college credits)

Television & Multimedia Production II is an intense, hands-on course that prepares students to function as professional media producers. The class models a commercial production company, giving students multiple opportunities to produce creative projects in the Career Center’s impressive Digital Media Production Facility. Projects may be produced for competitions, clients and community partners. Students also are given the opportunity to produce independent projects, such as original short films or documentaries. These projects teach students the media production business while helping them to build professional portfolios that will set them apart from their peers. This advantage leads to awards, internships, scholarships, and successful higher education and career paths.

Examples of Assignments

3 Point Lighting – David from Arlington Career Center TV on Vimeo.
This is an assignment where the students show proficiency in basic lighting skills.
They set up lighting at different angles to get the effect that they desire.


The Line from Arlington Career Center TV on Vimeo.