College Accommodations

Seeking Accommodations in College

Students with IEPs or 504s

If you are a student who has an IEP or 504 in high school, you likely are interested in having those same accommodations/supports in college. While your IEP or 504 does not follow you to college, you may still be eligible to receive accommodations/supports in college.

So How Do You Get Accommodations in College?

Each college will an Office of Student Services (or something like this). They will typically request all testing (best results if recent, usually like within 3 years), treatment plans, sometimes even the actual 504 or IEP. They do their own review and provide their accommodations.

Should You Disclose your Learning Challenge in your College Application?

It is completely up to you!! It’s about an even split on if students do or not. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Counselor Letter of Rec: great for providing context into any discrepancies in your transcript
  2. Additional information section in your application: Can be very straightforward way to provide this piece of information about yourself
  3. College Essay: not the first-choice way, but it is possible. Please discuss with your counselor.

What Colleges are Well Known for Providing Good Accommodations/Supports?

Landmark College, Beacon College, UCONN, Northeastern, Univ. of Michigan, Xavier, Univ of AZ, Hofstra, Univ. Of Denver, American University (this does not mean that you can’t find great supports/resources at any college, you can!)

More information:

Even more information:

When Creating Your College List

Make contacts at the Office of Student Services (or similar) so you know what the review process is like and what accommodations/supports could be available.

College Entrance Testing

Accommodations are available for both the SAT/ACT but you do need to apply. Please see your IEP / 504 case carrier or our transition coordinator for more information.