Computer Graphics for the Web and Animation

tvlogo_finalComputer Graphics for the Web(28458 and 28459)
One year, 2 periods, 2 credits
Grades 9 – 12
Prerequisite: None

This class encompasses two courses – graphics and animation –  that run concurrently and, in a single year, complete graduation requirements for an elective sequence. 

DESCRIPTION: This class focuses on creating computer graphic images for displaying on the World Wide Web. Students acquire knowledge regarding the differences between Web graphics and print graphics. Through class projects, students create work using a variety of image-making software and hardware, Bitmap images (using Adobe Photoshop) vector images (using Adobe Illustrator) motion graphics ( using AdobeFlash) and digital video imagery and special effects (using Adobe After Effects) are all investigated during the course. Students develop quality art images and gain an appreciation of their value in the communication process, students increase their ability to communicate visually, a useful skill in any career field.

This is the only class in Arlington Public Schools where students may earn their Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop certificate. 

Here is the link for the Adobe Certified Associate cerification


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