Cosmetology II / III

Cosmetology II
Prerequisite(s): Cosmetology I

Students build on Cosmetology I by learning through a scientific approach to the art of cosmetology. Students learn how to braid with extensions, make wigs, permanent waving, chemical hair relaxers, soft curl-perms, theory and application of color, skin care, hair removal, facial makeup, nail care, advanced nail techniques, and the business of cosmetology. As part of their training, students also will work in the lab on clients to gain real salon experience, attend beauty shows, and work with senior citizens at various local community centers. Cosmetology kits are provided for student use, or they may purchase their own (approximate cost $348).

Cosmetology III
Prerequisite(s): Cosmetology II

Cosmetology III is an advanced level course designed for those students who have successfully completed Cosmetology II. Students will continue to learn through the scientific approach on how to become a Professional Cosmetologist. Students will begin a rigorous training in preparation for the Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetology Exam thereby increasing their proficiency in all practical skills. Also, students manage the school salon while developing expertise in the business. Additionally, students will work in the industry as salon interns. Upon completion of the program, students will be qualified to take the Virginia State Board of Cosmetology Exam, work in the industry as shampoo assistant, stylist assistant, receptionist, sales 84 representative, and/or state board investigator. Supplies for this course will be according to the needs of the students at their expense.

  • Certifications: Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetology Examination (once students have completed Cosmetology I, II & III)