Auto Tech III

Auto Tech III (28508)
Full year, 2 periods, 2 credits
Grades 11 – 12
Prerequisite: Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology III is the most advanced segment of the three-year vocational sequence. This program provides specialization in a particular area of automotive repair such as front-end alignment, driveability, or electrical systems. Use of sophisticated diagnostic computers and other modern equipment prepares students with job entry skills needed for today. Shop time will be available to work on your own vehicle. Students can earn college credit through NOVA while attending this course through Dual Enrollment. Credits available are AUT 266 Alignment, Suspension and Steering (4 credits).

Note: A credit earned in this course will fulfill the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for graduation.
Students who complete the Automotive Technology I, II, and III with a grade of “B” or better can earn 11 credits within the Automotive Technology Associate Degree Program offered through the Northern Virginia Community College.


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