biotech_girllookBiotechnology Techniques and Applications (28467)
One year, 2 periods, 2 credits
Grades 10 – 12
Prerequisite: Completion of Biology with a “C” or better, or approval of the instructor


The primary goal of this course is to provide students experience with biotechnology principles, techniques, and applications. The course includes study into how biotechnology procedures and protocols are used for problem-solving in forensics science, agriculture, medicine, environmental science, and genetic engineering. Specific problemsolving protocols include those for separating molecules; DNA and protein analysis,; immunology studies; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); and other investigations. Using computer databases for analysis and research are a particular emphasis of this course.

Note: A credit earned in this course will fulfill the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for graduation.


cupero_Anne_105Anne Cupero