Digital Photography

Digital photography, with its speed, affordability, hi-quality and versatility, is permeating our lives both at home and in the workplace. As a result, jobs involving photography are expected to grow locally and nationally over the next decade by between five and twenty-five percent.

Based upon the philosophy that photography is for everyone, this class helps students build practical skills in this exciting new medium in conjunction with traditional darkroom and alternative processes. Within the Career Center’s state-of-the-art photo lab and darkroom, students utilize digital cameras, film cameras, hi-end graphic computers and quality photo printers. Working both individually and in teams, students build personal portfolios they can use for both exhibitions, to gain employment and college admissions.

Local, state and national competitions give students an opportunity to build their resumes and measure their skills against those of their peers. Many of our students go on to pursue photography program in college and in their careers.

Whether for personal pleasure or professional gain, all students will benefit from the Career Center’s Digital-Darkroom Photography program. Students who enroll in the program receive the following unique benefits:

SKILLS — This program uses competency lists from Virginia’s Career and Technical Education Resource Center.
CREDIT — A credit earned in this course fulfills the Fine / Practical Arts requirement for high school graduation.
EXPERIENCE — Students gain invaluable hands-on experience in the Career Center’s photography studio and digital photo lab as well as darkroom. Students also gain real-world experience and awards through the Skills USA competitions, as well as regional and national Scholastic competitions.
DIGITAL and DARKROOM PORTFOLIOS — Through a series of practical hands-on exercises, students build digital /darkroom portfolios of finished work. They also are given multiple opportunities to display their work at the Congressional Art Show, the Arlington County Public School’s Student Art Show, and the Career Center’s Showcase of Student Work.

Students also participate in Regional and National Scholastics and Skills US Competitions for College Scholarships.


JWoodheadcutoutJohn Woodhead, Instructor


The Career Center’s Photography Program has a unique focus on Digital and Film/Darkroom Photography.

Student’s will use computers with the Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom 3, and Photomatix HDR software used by industry professionals. Students learn the latest “digital darkroom” and conventional darkroom techniques, as well as alternative processing. They build personal portfolios that stand out from the rest.

For more information about how you can take advantage of the Career Center’s Digital-Darkroom Photography Program, please contact instructor John Woodhead.