Culinary Arts & Sciences II & III

Culinary Arts & Sciences II
Prerequisite(s): Culinary Arts & Sciences I and submission of a chest x-ray or negative TB skin test

Culinary Arts & Sciences II presents an intense curriculum designed to prepare students for post-secondary education or entry-level employment in the food service industry. This course focuses on the following: cook-to-order entrées; correct cooking of meats, fish and vegetables; pizza and bread making; business entrepreneurship; and, food sciences and nutrition.Students work in a real-world kitchen environment preparing meals for real customers. In addition, advanced baking skills are taught with an emphasis on production costs, profits and loss, scaling formulas, and successfully running a small business. Qualified students may compete in the SkillsUSA competitions, where they can win scholarships and other valuable awards.Culinary Arts and Sciences II covers the fundamental chemistry, mathematics and technologies required of the successful culinarian. Students will practice scaling formulas and recipes; extrapolating service requirements for banquets; a s well as varying essential combinations of ingredients (acids, bases, proteins, and fats) to control their effects on the final products.





Culinary Arts and Sciences II students will have the opportunity to earn the following Career and Technical Education Credentialing and Industry Certification:

  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager, National Restaurant Association
  • Certified Fundamental Cook, American Culinary Federation
  • Northern Virginia Food Manager Certificate, Arlington County Health Department

Culinary Arts III: Specialization
Prerequisite(s): Culinary Arts & Sciences I (28522) & II (28523)

The Culinary Arts Specialization curriculum provides students with continuing opportunities to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the food service industry as well as to expand their technical skills in a food service specialty. Students explore careers and refine their skills in implementing safety and sanitation standards, applying nutritional principles, planning menus, using business and math skills, and selecting and maintain food service equipment.


Contact Information:

Chef Renee Randolph

Chef Renee Randolph, CSCE, MBA
Culinary Arts Instructor