Digital Animation & Graphic Communication Systems

Digital Animation

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Graphic Communications System (28458)

Students gain experiences related to computer animation by using graphics and design concepts. Students solve problems involving 3-D object manipulation, storyboarding, texturing/mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry. Students create a variety of animations that reflect real-world applications and are introduced to interactive and 3-D animation software. Production of a portfolio showcasing examples of original student work is included.

Graphic Communications System

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Digital Animation (28457)

Graphic Communications System focuses on creating computer graphic images for display on the World Wide Web. Students acquire knowledge regarding the difference between Web graphics and print graphics. Through class projects, students create work using a variety of image-making software. By developing quality art images, students learn the highly transferable skills of visual communication. These skills are increasingly in demand in our webconnected world. Students create a professional digital portfolio of completed work.