College Credit

How do Dual Enrollment courses apply to college degrees?

  • Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) – courses may be used as requirements and/or electives depending on major
  • Other Institutions – students must see a faculty advisor at their college/university to determine transfer possibilities and/or advanced standing

The following programs and courses qualify for college credit at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA):

*All Career Center elective classes merit 2 high school Practical Arts credits (or 1 Practical Arts and 1 Science credit in the case of EMT), in addition to the college credits shown.

Engineering Academy

CTE Sequence:

* and ** (2 levels or 2-1 credit courses required)

** (1-2 credit course)

Dual Enrolled Licensure/



Partners and Internships

Auto Tech I*, II**, III Introduction to Auto Mechanics I (AUT100) 2 cred Automotive Technician Examinations
(several available)/ASE
8 week summer internships at local car dealerships


Automotive Brakes (AUT265) 4 cred
Auto Alignment, Steering & Suspension (AUT266) 4 cred
Auto Body I*, II** Collision Repair and Refinishing/NOCTI
Aviation** Private Pilot Written Exam/FAA
Computer Assisted Technical/Engineering Drawing*

Computer Assisted Technical/Architectural Drawing**

Engineering Graphics

(EGR 115)


2 cred AutoCAD/Certiport

Project Lead the Way

Blueprint Reading

(CAD 165)

3 cred AutoCAD/Certiport
Electricity I*, II* EPA Technician Certification (Levels I, II and III)/EPA;

Copper-Based Cabling Certification
Fiber Optic Network Cabling Certif./RBT Systems

Albert Nunez/

Capital Sun Group

Energy Masters

Construction Tech*

Sustainable/Renewable Technologies**


EPA Technician Certification (Levels I, II and III)/EPA

Miller and Long

Energy Masters

Albert Nunez/

Capital Sun Group


Human/Public Services Academy
Courses Dual Enrolled Licensure/Certification Internships
Cosmetology I*, II**,III


Cosmetology Licensure Exam/State Board of Barbers
and Cosmetology
Reduced rate services to community
Culinary Arts I*, II** Culinary Arts Cook, Level II/NOCTI Culpepper Gardens


JROTC I, II*; JROTC III, IV**; JROTC V, VI WPRS School Board Presentations

Community/School Events

Early Childhood Education I*, II** *Intro to Early Childhood Education (CHD120) 3 cred Early Childhood Care and Education/NOCTI

Para Pro Exams


Henry ES

Teen Parenting Daycare

*Early Childhood Observation (CHD165) 3 cred

Health/Medical Academy
Courses Dual Enrolled Licensure/


Health Sciences* and Medical Terminology** Medical Terminology

(HIM 111)


First Aid/CPR

Pharmacy Tech** Pharmacy Tech Certification
Forensics** BIO (141) Human Anatomy and Physiology I WPRS
EMT** *EMT/Basic (EMS111) 7 cred Emergency Medical Technician Exam/ U.S. Dept. of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services
*EMT/Basic Clinical (EMS120)

CPR (HLT 105)

1 cred
Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine** WPRS
Advanced Animal Science** WPRS
Animal Science Technical** WPRS

Information Technology (IT)/Digital Media Academy
Courses Dual Enrolled Licensure/


TV Productions I*,II** Video I (PHT 130) 3 cred Television Broadcasting/



Community Service Videos

Video II (PHT 131) 3 cred
Digital Animation*/Graphic Communication** Adobe Photoshop Certified User Exam/Certiport
IT: Cyber Security**


Introduction to Information Technology (28483)- (HS Year 1)


Cyber security I: Computer Hardware, Networking and Cyber security Level I/II (26635)

(HS Year 2)


Cyber security II: Computer Hardware, Networking and Cyber security Level III/IV, Advanced (#TBD) (HS Year 3)




NVCC Course Alignment:







CISCO IT Essentials,




Comptia Network+ and/ or


Comptia Security


IT: Computer Programming** (26647)




IT: Advanced Topics in Information Technology**(26645) (HS Years 3 & 4)


NVCC Course Alignment:

3 credits each:

Scientific Programming (CSC 130)

Web Page Design I (ITD110)
Web Page Design II (ITD210)
Structured Query Language (ITD132)
Data Science (ITD295)
Software Design (ITP100)

Intro to Computer Application and Concepts (ITE 115)

Multimedia Software (ITE170)

Intro to Network Concepts

(ITN 101)

UNIX (ITN 171)

4 credits:

Programming Tools (CSC 185)

C+ Programming I (ITP 136)

Client-Side Scripting: JavaScript (ITP140)
Python Programming (ITP195)




Brainbench Programming








Brainbench Web

Development. or

CWI Webmaster, or

Brainbench Programming


Marymount Univ

For dual-enrolled credits, students first take the NOVA placement exam, which is given on-site and free-of-charge at the Career Center. When they pass at the level required for college work, they are able to register for dual-enrolled classes, which will begin their college transcripts.

For more information about the “dual-enrollment” or “college-validated credit” programs, please contact: