Equity & Excellence

The Office of Equity and Excellence is dedicated to helping students discover and utilize resources that will help them progress toward their personal goals. This department works to create an equitable, hospitable, safe, and inclusive environment for students, families, and staff. The goal of this work is to create culturally affirming spaces where openness, inclusiveness, respect, and appreciation for diversity of thought, values, cultures, learning styles, perceptions, and actions flourish.

Mission Statement: The Office of Equity and Excellence advances high expectations, facilitates equitable access, and remedies opportunity gaps for Black and Latino students, as well as those from other historically marginalized communities.

Our Commitment: The Office of Equity and Excellence provides leadership and support in developing, creating, coordinating, and implementing services and programs for targeted students to meet high academic standards and achieve success.

Role of the Equity & Excellence Coordinator at ACC

For Students
  • Arranges lunch talks about race & identity
  • Sponsors and/or supports affinity groups (Sister Circle, Boys Mentoring, Latinx Mentoring Group, GSA, Asian American Group, etc.)
  • Facilitates a Career and Future Planning Group
  • Arranges visits to college fair and tours, STEM field trips, activities, conferences and cultural events
  • Provides academic advising
  • Assists with scholarship applications
  • Connects students with enrichment opportunities
  • Assists with the college application process
  • Assists with SAT Preparation
  • Facilitates meetings of Minority Student Achievement Network
  • Plans Multicultural & Heritage celebrations
For Staff
  • Provides Cognitive coaching for teachers
  • Provides planning, reflective, problem-solving and calibrating conversations to help support culturally responsive practices and students learning
  • Provides consultation and material support
  • Provides professional development
For Parents Countywide Programs:

  • Black Parent Alliance
  • Strengthening Family Program

ACC Programs:

  • ACC FACE (Family & Community Engagement)
  • PARTICIPA in my Education
  • Padres Comprometidos
  • Provides direct parent events for all full-time programs


Equity & Excellence Coordinator

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Monica Lozano Caldera

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