Info For Partners

Hello, Potential Community Partner!

We would like to invite you to partner with us in supporting a unique educational opportunity. By doing so, you would be helping to strengthen the pipeline between work and school, ensuring that our students are career-ready, and that you have a future work force that meets your needs. Arlington Tech is a rigorous, project-based learning, high school program that prepares students to succeed in college and in the workplace through collaborative problem solving. As part of the program, students in the 12th grade participate in a year-long, work-based learning Capstone Experience.

Opportunities for Partnership
The Capstone Experience is defined by three unique opportunities, each of which require a partnership with a community organization. Students may seek a position as either an Intern at a Job Site, a Project Consultant, or a Principal Investigator. We invite you to consider if your organization may support a student in one of these three capacities.

Intern at  Job Site:

  • Students work directly with a mentor supervisor at a job site
  • Students maintain daily responsibilities and integrate as an employee/team member
  • Students receive professional evaluations of their work on a regular basis

Project Consultant:

  • Company “hires” student to provide a good or service
  • The scope/parameters of work, how frequently consultant reports to company, compensation (if applicable), criteria for evaluation are defined in consultancy
  • Student may work at partner location or at school

Principal Investigator:

  • Student develops a research question and research proposal in accordance to ISEF guidelines
  • Student works collaboratively with a partner who may serve as the client or advisor to the research
  • Students will write a final thesis and defend their research to a panel
  • Student may work at partner location or at school

Sample Partnership Agreement
By April of the 11th grade year, all students need to have a “Capstone Partnership Agreement” in place defining their capstone experience. To see an sample of a Capstone Partnership Agreement”, click here. (coming soon).

Next Steps
If you would like to discuss developing a partnership to host a student or support the program in some other way, please fill out this interest survey:

We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

Erik Healey
Assistant Principal