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Are you interested in serving your country? There are many branches to the military and many career paths to get you there, and many benefits to serving.Research is necessary whether you choose to enlist or hope to be commissioned as an officer by participating in ROTC in college or attending a military academy.The following resources will help you understand the military process, careers available, and the related benefits.

Military Career Guide

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Serving as an Enlisted Person

Students who enlist will be required to take the ASVAB to determine skill and ability to train for a job within the military. Enlisting provides the enlisted person with a job, an MOS, which will not be easily changed after signing the enlistment contract.

The Virginia National Guard provides educational tuition assistance to its members while they serve their monthly drill. The amount of tuition reimbursement varies at different stages of service (enlistment, basic training, or advanced training).

Serving as an Officer

Officers in the U.S. Armed Forces are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree. One can become commissioned as an officer in one of three ways. ·

  1. U.S. Service Academy – Live a military life as you train and receive your bachelor’s degree. The cost of an academy education is covered by the U.S. Government. Although attendees don’t pay as they attend, attendance does result in a service obligation that will vary with the branch of service and the time spent at the academy. The application process for this educational opportunity begins the spring of the Junior year.
  2. ROTC – The Reserve Officer Training Corps may provide scholarships that will help pay for college and may cover all costs. Although called a scholarship, there is payback military service that comes with this financial benefit. Students interested in ROTC must make dual applications: one to the ROTC program they want and one to the college they want – for each college. NOTE: not all colleges have ROTC. Search online for colleges offering the ROTC program you want.  Links are provided below.
  3. Officer Candidate School – An opportunity for appropriate enlisted personnel to advance into officer ranks. This is the most competitive, difficult way to become an officer. If your goal is to become an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, consider the other two options. Learn more about the training offered by each branch.

U.S. Air Force Officer Training

U.S. Army Officer Training

U.S. Coast Guard Officer Training

U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Training

U.S. Merchant Marines Officer Training

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