Month: February 2018

Sweet Gatherings

The transition from high school to adulthood can be an exciting and also overwhelming journey for students with special needs. To help student and families along this journey, Career Center staff gather parents, students, and professionals together for an evening of education and snacks. This event is called Sweet Gatherings and it is a bi-monthly meeting where families learn about transition topics, such as housing, self-determination skills, and post-secondary options.

Diversity Chats at Arlington Career Center

The Arlington Career Center has partnered with the Office of Minority Achievement to facilitate student led Diversity Chats.  The first student training was held on February 7th and focused on training a diverse group of student student facilitators who will lead lunch time conversational opportunities.

Sustainability at the Career Center

Aquaponics at the Career Center is up and running!  Science classes and PEP students at the Arlington Career Center have seeded our first round of organic lettuces for the aquaponics system.  Our aquaponics system is a sustainable system containing fish and plants, which nourish each other by recycling nutrients throughout the system.  Our large tank has […]

Career Center Alumni Share Stories of Success

Click “read more” to see a video created by current TV Production students that highlights the many successes of former Career Center students!