Month: December 2020

Register for the Arlington Career Center Talent Show!

Students – register for the Career Center’s “Witness our Rising Stars” talent show! If you can sing, dance, act, paint, cook, or have any other talents, it’s your time to shine! 

Virtual Announcements – December 14 – 18

The virtual announcements are a collaborative effort between Ms. Astin Alexander (the Career Center’s new Librarian), Ms. Monica Lozano (Equity & Excellence Coordinator),  Mr. Tom O’Day and his Television Production II class, and the Career Center’s Student Government Association aimed to help students stay connected with clubs, activities, and events during virtual learning.

Project Based Learning Spotlight: PSA in a Digital Way

From Dr. Miriam Thomas: The idea behind this project is to design a digital PSA for students at the Career Center that will be displayed on the school’s website and/or on Canvas. The design will incorporate basic concepts in geometry.  The message will address staying motivated in the virtual setting.  The Winning Design: The Red […]