ACC Alumni: Stories of Success

Recently, EMT teacher Saruhan Hatipoglu received the email message below from former student Umang Gurung. Umang’s words highlight the impact that Arlington Career Center teachers have on their students as they transition from APS to college, career, and beyond. Congratulations to Umang and Mr. Hatipoglu on their great successes!

Hey Mr. Saruhan!  

This is Umang Gurung. I was in your class in 2016. I just wanted to message you because I never got to thank you personally for how much your teachings and the class changed my life. I am currently in a BSN program at VCU, and I only have one more year until I become a Registered Nurse. Whenever I am in the hospital working or doing my clinical, there’s never a day where I didn’t remember my ABCs or my OPQRST. Or, how to assess before intervening and prioritizing safety. 

[…] I always wanted to send you a thank you note and I hope this reaches you well. I am sending you this email as a testament to how wonderful of a teacher you are and how life-changing the EMT class has been for me. The EMT class was by far the most intriguing, challenging and beneficial class I have taken during my tenure in public education. Thank you so much!  


Umang Gurung
Cardiothoracic Surgery Nu CP