Teen Parenting Program

Teen Parent Enrollment Procedure

Children are enrolled in the APT Infant Center through an application with the Outreach Office. To get started contact the Outreach Office at 703-228-5818 or sandra.triveri@apsva.us   or The APT Infant Center at 703-228-5767.

Outreach Office Staff

Sandra Triveri Coordinator sandra.triveri@apsva.us 703-228-5819  

Outreach Office

Welcome parenting teens! The Outreach Office offers information and enrollment in the Teen Parenting Program.The Office assists students to explore academic options, enroll in school and access specialized supports in the community to meet a variety of needs for students and their children. Contact us at 703-228-5818 or sandra.triveri@apsva.us  

Alternatives for Parenting Teens Infant Care Center Staff

APT Infant Care Center Staff 2019-2020 Yvonne T. Pettiford Coordinator / Director yvonne.pettiford@apsva.us 703-228-5767 / 703-228-5761 Odalis Perez Resource Assistant odalis.perez@apsva.us   Sesame Street Room (0-11 months) Teacher: Susan Palmore susan.palmore@apsva.us Assistant: Clara Gudiel   Mickey Mouse Room (12-23 months) Teacher: Priscella Walker priscella.walker@apsva.us Assistant: Erin Jackson    Umizoomi Room (2 year olds) Teacher: Cora […]

Family Education Center

The Family Education Center (FEC) is an alternative program in which pregnant students can be guided to achieve their academic goals. The FEC addresses the challenges facing teenagers who are becoming parents by providing vocational and parenting instruction as well as health and social services within the curriculum. Class work is molded to the student’s […]

Family Management

Child Development The Child Development component of Family Management is designed for students to learn about the growth of children from birth through childhood. It targets the physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspect of development. Nutrition and Foods The Nutrition component of Family Management focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. Students learn about prenatal and […]

Teen Parenting Program

Alternatives for Parenting Teens Program The program is designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens in Arlington County. It supports the students enrolled at the Career Center, Arlington Community High School, Langston High School, or their home schools. The Teen Parenting Program creates a caring environment where students are supported in […]


Teenage Parenting Program 816 S. Walter Reed Dr. Arlington, VA 22204 Phone: 703-228-5800 Fax: 703-228-8705


You can help make a difference in a young teenager’s life. Please consider making a donation in any of the following ways: Donate baby clothes, toys, and umbrella strollers. Provide scholarships for Post-Secondary Education & Training. Provide incentives that will be used to keep students motivated and /or to recognize their accomplishments.


Nicole Boatwright, Child Care Assistant Infant Care Center 703-228-5767 Email: nicole.boatwright@apsva.us Cortney Bryant, Child Care Assistant Infant Care Center 703-228-5767 Email: courtney.bryant@apsva.us Jannette Cabrera, Child Care Assistant Infant Care Center 703-228-5767 Email: jennette.cabrera@apsva.us Erin Creek, Child Care Assistant Infant Care Center 703-228-5767 Email: erin.creek@apsva.us Laura Gould (Winfrey), Outreach Specialist / Resource Mothers Teenage Parenting Programs […]