CTE Pathway: Industrial Service & Engineering

Robotic Design

Robotic Design Prerequisite(s): None Students engage in the study of computers and microprocessors and their applications to manufacturing, transportation, and communication systems. Topics include computer equipment and operating systems, robotics, programming, control systems, and social/cultural impact of these technologies. Problem-solving activities challenge students to design, program, and interface devices with computer systems. Learning activities include […]

CTE Pathway: Industrial Service & Engineering

From the Association for Career & Technical Education: “A Career Cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. Expectations at the Career Cluster level represent the skills and knowledge, both academic and technical, that all students within the Career Cluster should achieve regardless of their pathway. Expectations at the pathway level […]

Engineering III

Digital Electronics Prerequisite: Engineering: I Intro to Engineering (28491) and Engineering II: Principles of Engineering (28492) This pre-engineering course is designed to follow two core courses (Principles of Engineering and Intro to Engineering Design) as part of a national engineering program. Students use computer simulations to learn about the logic of electronics as they design, […]

Engineering I & II

Engineering I: Intro to Engineering Design Prerequisite(s): None Engineering I emphasizes the development of engineering design. Students use computer software to produces, analyze and evaluate models of project solutions. They study the design concepts of form and function, and then use state-of-the-art technology to translate conceptual design into reproducible products. This course teaches students to […]

Engineering & Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way Do you like to solve problems? Do you like math and science? You may be the right student for the Career Center’s Engineering Program. Engineering is a growing field across the nation, offering high pay and a broad array of job opportunities. The Career Center’s Engineering Program draws upon Project Lead […]

Electricity II

Electricity II (Network Cabling & Fiber Optics) (28535) Full year, 2 periods, 2 credits Grades 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Electricity I (see below for certification eligibility requirements). DESCRIPTION: Electricity II provides instruction in the wiring methods of commercial construction and communications cabling, including telephone wiring, cable television wiring, BICSI/RBT Systems Copper based Network Cabling and Fiber […]

Electricity I

Electricity I (28534) Full year, 2 periods, 2 credits Grades 10 – 12 Prerequisite: None DESCRIPTION: Electricity I enables students to develop electrical skills in working in residential (home) construction. Students are taught the proper use of common electrical tools, wiring techniques, the building and analyzing of electrical circuits, reading of electrical plans, and electrical problem-solving. […]

Electricity & Network Cabling

The Electricity Program prepares students to meet the high demand for qualified electricians in State of Virginia, and the nation as a whole. Students who complete the two-year program are prepared to enter apprenticeship programs right after high school. Others begin working for electrical contractors, some of whom offer their own apprenticeship programs. Electricians, like […]

Computer-Assisted Drawing (CAD)

Computer Assisted Technical Drawing Prerequisite(s): Concurrent Enrollment in Computer Assisted Architectural Drawing (28408) This is a beginning level mechanical drawing class which introduces the skills required to communicate effectively through the use of graphic language. Students use three methods of graphic representation:freehand sketching, mechanical drafting, and computer-assisted drawing. The course content includes career opportunities in […]

Course Description

Aviation Technology Prerequisite(s): Students must be fifteen years old prior to completion of the course. Aviation Technology provides an introduction to the world of aviation and the aerospace industry. It is designed for students who intend to pursue either pilot training or aviation related career fields. This is one of only four courses in the […]