English Learners Institute

English Learner Institute Staff

EL Institute Staff 2020-2021 Amanda Trevino amanda.trevino@apsva.us EL Institute Coordinator Yesenia Martinez yesenia.martinez@apsva.us Bilingual Family Resource Assistant Claudia Vasquez claudia.vasquez@apsva.us School Counselor Kelly Antal kelly.antal@apsva.us Special Education Resource Teacher Cole Forbes cole.forbes2@apsva.us Subject: English Audrey Reiter audrey.reiter@apsva.us Subject: English Hope Bolfek hope.bolfek@apsva.us Subject: English Mindee Laumann michelle.laumann@apsva.us Reading Specialist Gerri Maskelony geraldine.maskelony@apsva.us Subject: Math Marcellious […]

About the English Learner Institute

Mission: to provide a supportive, family-like learning environment where students feel connected and thrive. Vision: to develop empowered students ready for success in college and employment.     Grades 9 – 12 Admission to the English Learners Institute is made by the Program Coordinator. This program is for HILT/HILTEX students (under age 21) who are […]