Celebrating Partnerships: Go Baby Go

The Arlington Career Center’s “Go Baby Go” project with the Marymount University Physical Therapy Program is both a perfect example of the project based learning method prevalent in the school and how a partnership can benefit both stakeholders.  The purpose of this project is to adapt toy cars for young children with disabilities. Each car is a custom design and, as such, a custom engineering problem. Our Engineering students rebuild the seating, steering, and safety for the child depending on their disability.  Our Auto students have customized the cars with custom paint, decals, lights, and sounds. Our Electricity students rewired the cars to add “parent controlled” on/off switches and other features. Our students were inspired to adapt technology to improve the lives of younger children.  To date, we’ve delivered four cars to four very excited drivers and families!  Photo of two parents and their child enjoying one of the newly adapted cars. Photo of ACC students with the child and family clients.