Congratulations, Arlington Career Center Virtual Science Fair Participants!

The ACC Science Fair has concluded! Thank you to all the participants for your hard work. We hope you learned a great deal about the scientific process.

Complete list of Science Fair Projects (Alphabetical) for 2020-2021

Judging Criteria:

  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Experimental Design
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Presentation
  • Creativity

Recommended to Advance to Regional Science Fair 

Honorable Mention


Special thanks to:

Astin A., for making the awesome library resources videos

Sharon H., for helping students with statistics

Caroline H. & Evan H., for putting together video presentation tips

Haywon K., for including ATAC and providing ideas

Lina & Annie, for reading and providing feedback on papers

Science teachers, for encouraging and mentoring your students

Science fair judges, for taking the time to provide constructive feedback

Science fair participants, for engaging in the scientific process and taking on a challenge!