Core Values & the Monarch Butterfly Garden at the Career Center

Both the Career Center’s Core Value theme of “Feeding the Soil” and project based learned emphasis are evident in the school’s monarch butterfly garden.  Groundbreaking on the monarch butterfly garden occurred in September of 2014.  Staff and volunteers worked to create a space for monarchs to nectar and lay their eggs.  Partnerships with local native plant nurseries allowed us to purchase a variety of plants which would nourish and sustain all types of native wildlife in our little garden.  Career Center students collaborated on the project through project-based learning activities, which included:  planning the garden, building a fence,  planting the garden, creating signage, and raising monarch caterpillars in their classrooms.  In the projects fourth year, the school is excited to find lots of monarch butterflies and their larva.  Several classrooms, including environmental science classrooms and early childhood classrooms, are hosting monarch caterpillars once again in their classrooms this fall.  The timing is perfect as the butterflies transform while we kick off the school year and demonstrate to the students that some projects aren’t just for a semester or a year, but instead, they will continue for years.