DE Statistics Students Host Original Research Poster Session at NVCC Alexandria Campus

Arlington Tech program students presented their semester-long original research projects to students and faculty at the Northern Virginia Community College Alexandria campus.

  • During the Fall 2023 semester, students enrolled in Dual Enrollment (DE) Statistics (MTH 245) at Arlington Career Center began an original research project, which required them to complete data management and data analysis by writing code in SAS. For some students, this was their first experience using code.
  • DE Statistics instructor, Gerri Maskelony, introduced the “Passion-Driven Statistics” model – a multidisciplinary, project-based approach that supports students in conducting original research, asking original questions, and communicating methods and results using the language of statistics.

Students hosted a Poster Session for students and faculty in the Mathematics, Sciences, Technology and Business division at NVCC on Wednesday, March 20th. Here’s a glimpse of them presenting their research findings:

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