Alphabetical List of Career & Technical Education Courses

Teachers for Tomorrow

The Teachers for Tomorrow course introduces juniors and seniors to a career in teaching and education. The primary components of the curriculum are the learner, the school, and the teacher and teaching. The components are intentionally broad in scope and provide a great deal of flexibility based on the career interest of a student. All […]

Robotic Design

Robotic Design Prerequisite(s): None Students engage in the study of computers and microprocessors and their applications to manufacturing, transportation, and communication systems. Topics include computer equipment and operating systems, robotics, programming, control systems, and social/cultural impact of these technologies. Problem-solving activities challenge students to design, program, and interface devices with computer systems. Learning activities include […]


Barbering I Prerequisite: None Barbering is the study of hair, scalp, and skin. Student study and prepare in a clinical lab setting, using mannequins and live models for manipulative practice. The program emphasizes safety and sanitation, communication, and management skills. Related areas of study include psychology, ethics, and professional image. Competency completions prepare the student […]

Introduction to Information Technology & Computer Information Systems

Introduction to Information Technology Prerequisite(s): Concurrent enrollment with Computer Information Systems (96614W) This course is an essential foundation class for all students interested in computers, networking, and web -based application and programming. Students who are interested in Information Technology (IT) or Cyber Security careers and would like to learn to set up home computer networks, […]

Computer Programming

Computer Programming Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of Algebra I Students learn to use the JAVA and Python programming language to code and compile programs in an open source or Windows environment. Course content includes program design and problem solving, control structures, functions, parameter passing, data structures, arrays, and file processing. Emphasis is on program design. College […]

Database Design & Management

Prerequisite: Introduction to Technology (26116) This course includes database design and Structured Query Language (SQL) programming. Students study database fundamentals, including database development, modeling, design, and normalization. In addition, students are introduced to database programming. Students gain the skills and knowledge needed to use features of database software and programming to manage and control access […]

Photo & Video Technology

Photo & Video Technology I Imaging Technology introduces students to the basic principles of photography while providing a strong emphasis on digital imaging. Students study the development of photography as a communication medium and its evolution into the digital realm. Students learn to use image-editing software to manipulate digital images. Photo & Video Technology II […]

Web Page Design & Multimedia

Students develop proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentations/projects, and Web sites using industry- standard application software. Students apply principles of layout and design in completing projects. Students create portfolios that include a resume and a variety of desktop-published, multimedia, and Web-site projects produced in the course. College Credit: This course may be […]

Digital Animation & Graphic Communication Systems

Digital Animation Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Graphic Communications System (28458) Students gain experiences related to computer animation by using graphics and design concepts. Students solve problems involving 3-D object manipulation, storyboarding, texturing/mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry. Students create a variety of animations that reflect real-world applications and are introduced to interactive and 3-D animation […]

Computer Science Principles, AP

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra with a “B” or better This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to creative aspects of programming, using abstraction and algorithms, working with large data sets, understandings of the internet and issues of cybersecurity, and impacts of computing that […]