Mentoring in the Career Center: Helping Others

The Career Center’s Mr. Wilmer Castro often asks himself, “When will I know that my students have mastered their competencies?” The ACC mentoring program helped him answer that question. He found watching a recent graduate intern, Jose Portillo, mentor high school students and helping them reach their objectives, to be incredibly rewarding. Not only did Jose have to master the material, but this year he is using his own words and even using a different language, Spanish, to teach current students. This was a great opportunity for Jose’s professional development that Jose has embraced. Jose reflected on his internship with Mr. Castro’s Auto Collision Repair class and provided a with a few thoughts:

“It has giving me the opportunity to meet new people.
I have also been able to learn and explored new things.
It has provided me a lot of information about college and jobs opportunities.
I have had the opportunities to share my time and skills with other students.
It has provided me such professional and loving help that keep me on track toward my career.
It has also giving me the opportunity to be part of such a great and professional team that is always looking out to help and improve the community and students education.
By coming to school makes me feel so happy, because I am able to help and encourage many other students.”