PBL Highlight: PentagonMMA

The driving question for the PentagonMMA project was: “How can biomechanics and angles in geometry be used to create an effective self-defense routine?”. The information students learned with this project will be used in their physical education classes with Mrs. Goff (one of the ACC P.E. teachers).  Mrs. Goff and Dr. Thomas teamed up over the summer to create the project.  In phase one, teams of students from Dr. Thomas’ Geometry class used angles they learned about in in geometry class to choreograph an effective self-defense routine.  The teams were tasked with creating the routine based on the following prompt:

“Create a self-defense routine with 3-4 moves. Each move needs to have a cool name (for example: Dr. Thomas 90 degree block!). Each routine needs to be free of injury prone moves. Finally, each routine has to incorporate angles in geometry with a full description.”

Pentagon MMA, a local mixed martial arts school, were gracious enough to donate their time to help our teams perfect their routine and offer feedback. The teams presented to experts and the teams with the highest score won a PentagonMMA t-shirt!

This project will continue on later this year, when Mrs. Goff’s P.E. students use an app to measure angles formed with the body in different activities performed in their class.

Photo Collage of PentagonMMA Project