Sweet Gatherings

The transition from high school to adulthood can be an exciting and also overwhelming journey for students with special needs. To help student and families along this journey, Career Center staff gather parents, students, and professionals together for an evening of education and snacks. This event is called Sweet Gatherings and it is a bi-monthly meeting where families learn about transition topics, such as housing, self-determination skills, and post-secondary options. This past Sweet Gatherings on Monday February 12th had the students from The Order of Self-Determination, a student leader group, presented about self-determination skills and how to be a self-advocate and an active participant in their education. Christina Eagle, transition coordinator at the Career Center, and Micah Stein, the coordinator for the Program for Employment Preparedness (PEP) also presented ways for students to be self-determined at home, work, and school. This event is sponsored by Arlington’s Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA), and is a wonderful opportunity to learn and support one another.