Teen Parenting Program


Alternatives for Parenting Teens Program The program is designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens in Arlington County. It supports the students enrolled at the Career Center, Arlington Community High School, Langston High School, or their home schools.

The Teen Parenting Program creates a caring environment where students are supported in meeting their needs as they develop parenting and independent living skills. The Teen Parenting Program provides an onsite licensed Infant Care Center, and transportation for students and their children.

The Program focuses on social emotional wellness, healthy family and partner relationships as well as the promotion of healthy attachment with young children and the advancement of parenting skills. Supports are provided to address safety, food assistance, housing, financial, and health needs to include teenage health, pregnancy, breastfeeding counseling, basic baby care and health resources for their children. Students receive supports to achieve academic success and to explore post-secondary pathways.

For more information, contact the Teen Parenting Program Outreach Office at 703-228-5818 or the APT Infant Care Center at 703-228-5767.