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The Alternatives for Parenting Teens (APT) Program was initiated in 1992 by the Superintendent of the Arlington Public Schools, the Arlington County Manager, and the Department of Human Services to address the multiple challenges facing teenage parents. The program is a positive, proactive approach to improve the future for these teen mothers, their families and our community.

The APT program provides year round education for young mothers who are enrolled in Arlington Public Schools and who seek to attain a high school diploma. The program provides academic, vocational, and parenting education; comprehensive health and social services and a licensed infant care center for the children of the young mothers. This combination gives these young adults the assistance to complete their high school education as they learn to manage household costs, care for children, and maintain a healthy home environment.

The students spend a portion of each day with their child at the APT Infant Center where they have a daily curriculum with the Infant Center’s coordinator, childcare teachers and assistants. During this time students are graded on their interaction with their children, participation in class activities such as circle time and parenting skills such as bringing sufficient supplies for their babies.

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Welcome to the Teen Parenting team. We are here to support APS teen moms/dads to get your high school diploma!
Published October 16, 14 8:18AM