APT Infant Care Center at ACC

The Alternatives for Parenting Teens (APT) Infant Center offers the children of APT students an interactive, educational environment to help stimulate growth and development. Children ages two months to four years are accepted into the Infant Care Center. Separate classrooms help cater to the different needs of the children according to their ages. With their daily lessons, taught by the childcare providers, the children learn to develop their fine motor, gross motor, social and academic skills, while preparing them for interactions with classmates and teachers in a elementary school setting.

The three facets of the Infant Care Center are:

  • The Infant Room: In this nursery setting, six to eight infants, ages two months to 12 months are cared for during the school day. The daily routine consists of circle time, a daily walk, story, feeding and nap time.
  • The Toddler Room: Here, six to eight toddlers, ages one year to two years enjoy interaction with one another during the school day. The teeny tots’ daily routine consists of breakfast with mommy, circle time, arts and crafts, a daily walk, free play, lunch, story and nap time.
  • The Preschoolers Classroom: Here, seven to eight children, ages two years to four years learn through different projects while their mothers attend classes. The preschoolers are introduced to the alphabet, numbers, colors and arts and crafts. During free play the preschoolers are taught cooperation, manners and sharing. They also receive lunch before taking a nap.