Family Management

Child Development

The Child Development component of Family Management is designed for students to learn about the growth of children from birth through childhood. It targets the physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspect of development.

Nutrition and Foods

The Nutrition component of Family Management focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. Students learn about prenatal and postnatal nutrition as well as nutrition for children. Balanced meals, healthy snacks and exercise are a main focal point in this unit.


Parenting skills are taught throughout the year. All aspects of Family Management are linked to this component of the class. Students explore parenting skills such as, communication techniques, childhood literacy, discipline issues and establishing routines with their children.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts allow students to explore activities they can share with their children and finding hobbies for themselves.These activities include scrap booking, cross stitching, making mobiles, knitting, creating children’s books and finger puppets

Personal Finance

Personal Finance concentrates on skills students will need when they are living on their own. Banking, budgeting, renting/buying apartments are included in this component of Family Management. The Reality Store, which puts the students into the real life situation of managing a family, is a culminating project at the end of the unit.