About the English Learners Institute

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Mission: to provide a supportive, family-like learning environment where students feel connected and thrive.

Vision: to develop empowered students ready for success in college and employment.



Grades 9 – 12
Admission to the English Learners Institute is made by the Program Coordinator.

This program is for HILT/HILTEX students (under age 21) who are interested in completing a high school diploma while learning valuable career and technical skills. Students benefit from:

  • small class sizes
  • individualized support
  • career and technical training (leading to certifications/licenses)
  • college credits through dual enrollment
  • individual and group counseling
  • before and after-school tutoring
  • mentoring

Referrals to the English Learners Institute include students who:

  • may benefit from a smaller, supportive academic environment,
  • need additional time to complete high school, and /or
  • are interested in career and technical education

Contact Information:

Ms. Amanda Trevino

Amanda Ercilla Treviño, LCSW
Program Coordinator




Café con Leche meeting with the families of our English Learners. Ms. Vasquez talked about graduation credits, and we shared a lovely time talking about students’ progress. #weareallfamily https://t.co/R1tJCQ28Xw
Published January 24, 20 4:54AM