Program for Employment Preparedness


PEP is a community based program for supported work experience, supported travel training, and independent living training. One of the many goals of PEP is to empower our young adults with self-advocacy through self-determination. Students learn independent living and work readiness skills within community settings, and all skills are tailored to meet individual student needs.  PEP partners with local businesses to help teach work and social skills within the business setting. These internships experiences provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their talents. Two days a week, when students are at the Career Center for a full day, teachers engage students in direct instruction in the domains of personal finance, technology skills, resume writing, interview skills, guest speakers, and a variety of community outings. PEP students encourage to pursue enrichment experiences in a variety of ways, such as community/adult learning courses and/or Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes.

Prerequisite(s): The referral process must begin with the transition coordinator at the comprehensive high school. The PEP Program Coordinator then reviews all transition coordinator referrals, taking into account student’s age, attendance record, student conduct (school and community), year in school, and prior job training experience. 

For questions regarding PEP please contact Micah Stein-Verbit: 703-228-5801 or