Transition Services for PEP Students Moving into Adult Services

The transition from school into adult life is a significant process, which incorporates all aspects of a student’s life.

The Transition Coordinator, Patricia Braun, will help students with IEPs and their families plan for their futures as they move toward their graduation or exiting the Career Center. One step of planning for the future can include transition assessments to gather a profile of the student’s talents, skills, abilities, and strengths. If you are interested in having a transition assessment completed please contact Christina Eagle. Another step is to learn about the various aspects of transition planning.

Overview of Transition Information – 

This information provides a background to the topic of transition and services that are available.

Arlington Public Schools Transition Website
The Arc of Northern Virginia’s Transition Points
Virginia Department of Education Transition Website

Collaborating Agencies- 

These are a variety of services which may or may not apply to the students and their family. If you need assistance in navigating these services, please contact Christina Eagle.

Department of Aging and Rehabilitation (DARS) DARS provides two services. The first service is called Pre-ETS or pre-employment services for students still in the public education system. There is a simple form to begin these services. The second services are for employment support services. The website provides more detailed information on qualifications.
Arlington County Community Services Board (CSB) Arlington’s CSB can provide a variety of services to those individuals with disabilities who meet qualifications. The services can include support coordination, residential services, employment services, and transportation.


Social Security  People with disabilities can apply for social security benefits. This website has information regarding the application process and the application itself.
Medicaid People with disabilities can apply for Medicaid. Here is information about how to apply. Here is the website to actually apply.
Transportation Services

There are several options for transportation assistance and support.

The EndDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV) provides travel training for individuals with disabilities. Likewise, WMATA also provides travel training support. WMATA produces reduced fare cards, which students within PEP apply to receive.

For individuals with disabilities who require more support, they may require MetroAccess. This is an application process for door-to-door services. Individuals will need to fill out the application, get a primary care physician to sign it , and then apply for an interview. There is a cost for this service.

After an individual is approved for MetroAccess, then Arlington residents can apply for Arlington STAR. This service is specifically for Arlington residents, and there is a cost.

Residential Services This is information from the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services about the housing services available at the state level.

Continuing education is important and there are many options for students:

Northern Virginia Community College– At the Career Center Deirdre Magro is our liaison with NVCC for questions regarding applying, placement tests, and dual enrollment. Students with disabilities have to apply for accommodations. Here is the information regarding the application process.

Arlington has Adult Learning courses for community members can take.

For students who are eligible for DARS services, there is the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) which provides education and training for employment and also independent living.

Employment Support Providers

There are a variety of employment support providers. Students can work with employment support providers to aid in the search for a job, applying for a job, and learning how to work and maintain employment. There is a cost associated with these services, for some eligible students some costs will be taken care of through DARS services.

In the fall students and parents can participate in a Transition Fair, which these providers are invited to present to parents and students. Some of these providers have a continuum of services and other provide just employment support. This is not a complete list.

Best Buddies

The Choice Group



Melwood (Formerly Linden Services)


Outstanding Possibilities Revealed



For more information, please contact Patricia Braun 703-228-5801 or