Program Information

Our program is in the Arlington Career Center, where students have access to College and Technical Education (CTE) and Early College (or dual enrollment) classes. Some important components of the program include:

  • All 9th graders take engineering to develop their design thinking skills.
  • We expect students to complete Geometry by the start of their 10th grade year.
  • Our students take math and science classes for all four years while at Arlington Tech.
  • We prepare all students to take Dual Enrolled (DE) classes as early as 10th grade year with some students focused on earning degrees.  DE classes have GPA requirements for enrollment.
  • All seniors enroll in a year-long Capstone: an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in the workplace, engage in research, design their own project, or create an educational plan to earn a degree or licensure.
  • In academic classes, our students work collaboratively on open-ended projects that grow their project-management skills.
  • Our students focus on sequenced CTE classes that offer opportunities for college credit (DE) and licensure.

Walk through a day with senior, Yosief, in this video made by seniors Lina and Ellie.