PEP Photo Gallery

Brown Box

Written By Harris Claster, Pictures by Giovanni Rios, & Published by Sheridan McClure
Brown Box is an important part of the PEPProgram at the Career Center. The students in the program help to preparelunches for the teachers. Students like this program because it helps themlearn about how to make food and then serve it to the teachers so they can eatit. Teachers love Brown Box food becauseit’s delicious and it only costs $6.00!

Shopping at Costco is another part of theBrown Box program. The students go to Costco by bus so that they can get the itemsthey need to make the wraps and salads. Then they prepare the food when theyget back to school. That way our food is always fresh and ready to eat.

In conclusion, I think that Brown Box is abig job of the PEP Program. The skills needed to work in this job are knowinghow to prepare food, and how to use restaurant-type equipment. This program teaches job skills and givesstaff a healthy lunch.

PEP Goes Shopping for Kids in Arlington

On Friday, December 11, 2015, the PEP Program went shopping for gifts at Target. The gifts were for students in Arlington who don’t have enough money to buy toys for Christmas, or the holidays.

We took the 16J bus to Target to get the gifts.

This was a great trip because everybody in the class was able to get something that the students would all enjoy using during the holiday season. It was also fun that we used public transportation to get to and from Target.

The trip was also an event that helped us to learn about being a helper in my community and now learn to help others when they have a problem.

-By Harris Claster

Vendor Fair at the Career Center

On Monday, December 7th, 2015, PEP interns worked at the Vendor Fair at the Career Center yesterday and learned about the different organizations in Northern Virginia that can help students when they leave the school system. They also learned about the staff that can help them when they finish at the Career Center. The PEP Vendor Fair lasted from 9:00am-11:00am in the Commons. Both Ms. Chung and Mr. Stapleton gave speeches about the event and everyone in the PEP Program seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves. This is yet another event hosted by the Career Center and the PEP Program that resulted in excellence and also a job well done.


Monday, November 2nd, PEP interns from the Career Center Greenhouse helped Ashlawn 3rd graders harvest lettuce and herbs in the Reevesland Learning Garden. The locally grown greens were added to other lettuces harvested from Ashlawn and the neighborhood along with twelve other healthy ingredients to make a fabulous fiesta salad. On Wednesday, November 4, PEP interns helped parent volunteers serve the multi-ingredient Fiesta salad at Ashlawn. This celebrated LAWNS 2 LETTUCE 4 LUNCH, a project of the Reevesland learning center. Many thanks to Chris Manaois, PEP Resource Assistant, for arranging the two field trips, and a special thanks to Joan Horwitt for her dedication and passion. Our PEP interns love working with her. The interns made the event successful by their enthusiasm, care and dedication.

Officer’s Club at Fort Myers

Take a look at our PEP interns working at the Officer’s club at Fort Myer and Sequoia.

Marymount Athletic Training Room

Take a look at the PEP Interns at our new internship at the Marymount Athletic Training Room. They are hard at work prepping the room for the Marymount athletes.

Dressing for an Interview

PEP Interns are taking an interview class. Recently interns learned how to dress and prepare for an interview by ironing shirts and making the perfect tie.
Ruth Bilodeau, who teaches independent living to the PEP interns, taught a fabulous lesson about how to appropriately dress and prepare.